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Our Current Voyage

Mooloolaba, QLD to Sydney, NSW to meet Jessica & Ella's Pink Lady.

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New Plymouth to Mooloolaba, Solo Trans-Tasman Challenge 2010

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not much wind today

Jessica @ Top Mast
Little Nobby - Crescent Head

Motor sailing since midnight to late this afternoon. Wind NE <5 kts. Motored into Crescent Head and waved to Bruce’s mum & dad, auntie ruth and bess the dog. Had a little bit of wind off Crescent Head and reached off for half an hour before motor sailing as the wind died off again. Jessica practiced climbing the mast solo today plus mading a video dairy. Currently surfing @ 10-16 kts in 15–23 kts of wind from NE. Currently abeam of Taree. Sydney or bust tomorrow before the southley buster gets us late Sunday night.

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