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New Plymouth to Mooloolaba, Solo Trans-Tasman Challenge 2010

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Mt Rugby Climb

Tom & Leanne - 1st Ridge Mt Rugby
Frog Hollow (BWR), Bathurst Channel

Bathurst Channel/Port Davey Harbour

The TOP of Mt Rugby

11th March 2009

Up early @ 0730 for a visual weather check, its ON, Mt Rugby is clear. All systems go!!
A breakfast of porridge was eaten; our packs with food, chocolate, drinks and warm clothing were packed. Into the dinghy and off we went motoring from Eve’s Point (Frog Hollow) across the Bathurst Channel to a little cove with a small beach. Suzanne sighted a Pot-Bellied Seahorse in the fresh tannin water layer. Climbing commence @ 0900 and took four hours to reach the top. It was a steep narrow, wet muddy track but well worth the effort. The views of Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour were awesome, a highlight of the trip. Downhill was a long and slow trip, on much tried legs. Lots of falls, either sitting on our bums or toppling over on our sides, no injuries except for stiff sore legs. No snakes sighted either – bugger. Arrived back at the boat, @1600 for hot showers. Upped anchor and shifted into Claytons Corner in Bathurst Harbour.

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