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Our Current Voyage

Mooloolaba, QLD to Sydney, NSW to meet Jessica & Ella's Pink Lady.

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New Plymouth to Mooloolaba, Solo Trans-Tasman Challenge 2010

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Rail Rider?

As at 2010 Mon 22/03/2010:

Position 36 41.7’S 165 52.4’E COG 100 SOG 12 knots Wind SW 13.5 knots
Barometer 1028 Sea Temp 20 Cabin Temp 19.6

Day 4 Run 225 nm Average 9.29 knots DTG New Plymouth 412 nm
Sailing with Full Main & Jib Clear night ½ Moon and lots of stars

Still sailing on rails like a runaway freight train doing what BWR does best SURFING…….

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