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Mooloolaba, QLD to Sydney, NSW to meet Jessica & Ella's Pink Lady.

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New Plymouth to Mooloolaba, Solo Trans-Tasman Challenge 2010

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

BIG WAVE RIDER Back in the Deep Blue

Hi everyone BWR is back on the move after a hectic 2 weeks of prep to get ready for offshore. The weather wasn't kind to us at all but we managed to get the boat stripped out, antifouled and ready to go. A big thanks to Roger, Julie, Pat, Judy and Dave who gave us a hand and also to Bill for picking up the life raft.

We departed Mooloolaba on the 17th March to head for Southport to clear Customs and had a beat then a motor through the channels of Moreton Bay to anchor at Jacobs Well for the night. Then on the 18th motored the rest of the way to Southport, had another tidy up of the boat then Customs arrived and cleared us out. We decided to have a last shower and lunch with Bruce's sister Teresa at the Southport Yacht Club.

Departed through the Southport Seaway at 1700 it was very bumpy and only had one wave break in front of us. We had a beat all the way to the Danger Reefs then the wind backed to the east and gave us a very fast and bouncy ride two sail reaching down the coast with the East Australian Current giving us up to 2 knots more speed.

The next morning the wind went more North and the sea calmed down so we got the Code Zero out and had a great days sail in sunny conditions. Have kept the Code Zero up all night and today have put up the staysail as well and are still having a great three sail reach, it's like being on rails.

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